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Download Free N64 Roms USA

1 Ranma 1-2 (U).zip 55863
2 Donkey Kong Country (V1.1) (U).zip 21963
3 Super Mario World (U).zip 19349
4 Super Mario All Stars & World (U).zip 18086
5 Super Mario Kart (U).zip 17359
6 Mortal Kombat 3 (U).zip 16988 n64 roms 4650 4523
n64 emulator 954 928
n64 cheats 466 453
n64 rom 425 413
7 Super Mario RPG (U).zip 16717
8 Killer Instinct (V1.0) (U).zip 16535
9 Final Fantasy 6 (J).zip 16124
10 Street Fighter Alpha 2 (U).zip 15595
11 Street Fighter Zero 2 (J).zip 14569
12 Chrono Trigger (U).zip 14391
13 Final Fantasy 3 (V1.1) (U) [!].zip 14359
14 Contra III - The Alien Wars (U).zip 14273
15 Final Fantasy 5 (J).zip 14259
16 Yoshi's Island (V1.1) (U).zip 13205
17 Legend of Zelda, The (U).zip 13125
18 Mega Man X 3 (U).zip 13054
19 Dragon Ball Z - Hyper Dimension (J) [!].zip 12995
20 X-Men Mutant Apocalypse (U).zip 12952
21 Dragon Quest 3 (J).zip 12477
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n64 295 287
free n64 roms 256 249
download n64 roms 144 140
22 90 Minutes - European Prime Goal (E) [!].zip 12442
23 Super Mario All Stars (U).zip 12320
24 Aladdin (U).zip 12022
25 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 - Turtles in Time (U)(4858).zip 11689
26 Castlevania - Dracula X (U).zip 11667
27 Batman Forever (U).zip 11659
28 Final Fantasy 2 (V1.1) (U).zip 11494
29 Super Metroid (E).zip 11329
30 Mortal Kombat II (V1.1) (U).zip 11220
31 Donkey Kong Country (Competition) (U).zip 11215
32 Street Fighter II Turbo (V1.1) (E).zip 11177
33 Super Mario Collection (V1.1) (J).zip 10871
34 Star Ocean (J).zip 10597
n64 games 120 117
n64 romz 120 117
n64 cheat codes 114 111
35 Dragon Ball Z - Super Saiya Densetsu (V1.1) (J).zip 10491
36 Adventures of Batman & Robin, The (U).zip 10416
37 Mario and Wario (J).zip 10277
38 Alien Vs Predator (U).zip 10261
39 Battletoads & Double Dragon - The Ultimate Team (U).zip 10167
40 Final Fight 3 (U).zip 10085
41 Diddy's Kong Quest (V1.1) (U).zip 10082
42 Kirby's Dream Land 3 (U).zip 10017
43 Doom (U).zip 9988
n64 gameshark codes 112 109
n64 codes 110 107
n64 roms download 105 102
n64 emu 98 95
44 Breath of Fire II (U).zip 9668
45 Mortal Kombat (U).zip 9638
46 Marvel Super Heroes - War of the Gems (U).zip 9537
47 Double Dragon V - The Shadow Falls (U).zip 9508
48 Mega Man X 2 (U).zip 9491
49 Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (U).zip 9478
50 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (U).zip 9379

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darkmazda.com/archives/091999 - 4
NINTENDA has posted a news that Sunset is fake!! He also did an interview with _64bit_ to see if this is fake, please take a look

emucamp.com/arc08-1999. - 4
Now you know this emulator RiSc is fake. They just put up a damn Flash animation for it. And furthermore, as many people mentioned in email, it wouldnt be possible to run a GD Disk in a conventional CD ROM drive. My prediction is that it's as fake as Assassin, if not more. In fact, this sopposed emulator, makes Assassin look believeable! (Well it's still fake.)
Thanks to Emualliance for this piece of tabloid info.

emucamp.com/arc11-1999. - 3
Emualliance Closes Down - Click below to see the message left by Nintenda about the site closing. Thanks to Darkmazda's Domain for the information.

theesa.com/release012802 - 4
The actions were filed in federal court in the Northern District of California by 10 of the IDSA's member companies including Activision, Inc.; Capcom Entertainment, Inc; Eidos Interactive, Inc.; Electronic Arts Inc.; Havas Interactive, Inc./Sierra On-Line, Inc.; LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC; Interplay Entertainment Corp.; Midway Amusement Games, LLC; Nintendo of America Inc.; and The 3DO Company, Inc. The complaints alleged that the Internet sites operated by defendants offered pirate copies of hundreds of entertainment software products

angelfire.com/ok/EricBoudreault/Emul - 1
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These roms are for use with backup units such as Z64 because they can play all the games. While the emulators can only play a few of the games. If you are using the UltraHle emulator go HERE to see which games will work.

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